Preparatory Class for the Higher Normal School Cachan and Business Schools

Economics and Management Section

The preparatory class of Marie Curie Sceaux High School is a famous public study center who trains,


since 1936, very good pupills and students. Located at 5km south from Paris, the Marie Curie Sceaux High School offers to all students a very quiet and confortable environment just nearby Paris.

The preparatory class to the Higher Normal School (ENS) Cachan is an « excellence study center » which prepares students to enter in some of the famioust educative institutions, as the Higher Normal School (ENS) Cachan, the business schools, or the most selective courses in universities in economics and finance departments. For many years, this class selects young foreign students, specially students from China, and give them all the chances to succeed in competitions and exams.

This class is the only preparatory classe to Colleges of Higher Education (preparatory class) in which students follow courses within the high school preparatory class as well as at university. Consequently they have the advantage of a dual status: they are both high school and university students. Because of this duality, the students in this class have:
– 15 hours or so of lessons a week with the preparatory class
– courses in University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Thanks to the high level of the preparatory class students, the university grants them a certain number of equivalents, with the result that the total number of lessons at university amounts to roughly 12 hours a week.

Statistically, all the students of the preparatory class receive, after two years, the two first years of licence diploma, and this is under the best possible conditions (the majority, incidentally, get their diploma with honours). As a result, thanks to this highly-valued dual status, students can continue their studies in economics and management at the most prestigious schools and universities, as University of Paris IX Dauphine.

The preparatory class of Marie Curie Sceaux High School is a light structure, with 25 students in average, which gives lessons fited to each student.

In the preparatory class, students study many subjects, as economics, historical economics, mathematics and foreign language. In order to succeed, the students must have high skills in french language, mathematics, and english.